Phavors Music

Phavor's MusicDomain Transfer & Registration + Site Hosting + WordPress Development + Email & Team Management

Phavor’s Music, owned and operated by my good friend Phillip Marflak, released their first single/ EP “Petals” this past March 2020. I jumped on the opportunity to support those around me with the experience I’ve acquired! Pro-Bono, Laporta Smart Solutions took on the complete web development and design of their main website, Although still underway, it sure did the trick for the launch day!

On top of the website, we set Phavors Music up with a protected Organizational Cloud Solution, for storage and collaboration. Established work-flows for the various aspects of the start-up work he’s approaching.

And last but not least, assisted in assuring ALL web traffic was being monitored. From Spotify to Google Analytics, we’re now collecting and analyzing more info about the songs popular demographics!

Work Performed ByJAKE LAPORTA